Monday, April 6, 2009

F Q, Where Do You Go To Brunch?

Things you need for a successful brunch location. 

1: Out door seating
2: Good Food
3: Great Company
4: Arnold Palmer's (or mimosa's or some sort of liquor)

All of which were in place for my brunch with my friend Janey. Janey is awesome and she says trousers which I love. 

We went to the French Quarter Market Place, aka the French Market for those who aren't jerks, there is no need to say the whole thing. We were patrons, 1 because Janey has never been and B it is close to my apartment and from previous posts you know that I am quite lazy. The service is always great and the food there is really tasty. 

I ordered a buffalo chicken sandwich and seasoned french fries. The fries were cooked perfectly and seasoned well and served as a perfect complement to my buff chic samy. The only complaint I had was that the French Market no longer sells shrimp SO they no long have cocktail sauce (I like cocktail sauce on my fries) so I had to make it myself with creamy horseradish and Heinz. Not that I cared, it's just that it's wack that they don't have cocktail sauce. 

The sandwich is great. You receive what I can only surmise as 3 lightly breaded chicken fingers with delicious buff sauce on them. I always get extra sauce because, well you can never have too much buff sauce. I did remember that I do not like bleu cheese on my sandwiches but I forgot that there is coleslaw on the thing so I had to slide that off which I felt bad about wasting. But who really likes coleslaw, and if you do, why?

Final Bite: The French Market is a great brunch place. They have really good food and I think it's not terribly pricey. As an aside, they have really good Pomosa's (pomegranate juice and champagne) shit will put you on your ass if you aren't careful. 

French Quarter Market Place
7985 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 656-0874

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