Thursday, October 1, 2009

American w/o - South Philly Experience Taco Truck

Well I finally did it! I just ate the best example of a philly cheese steak in four years of living in Los Angeles. Today during my lunch break I went on the hunt and tracked down the new South Philly Experience Taco Truck. I pulled up behind it on Olympic and Butler to the aroma of grilling meat and Amoroso rolls.

I ordered an american without, for those that are unaware that is a cheese steak with american cheese and thats it. The flavors melted together and were cooked perfectly. You can get provolone or cheese wiz (my other favorite) if you do not want american, and another thing they also had the hot peppers that I love!

The only disappointing thing that Phillys Best in Burbank has over this truck is that the truck did not have birch beer and all the tasty kakes were sold out. Apparently people buy them in bulk and they sell out with in minutes. The strange thing is that Phillys Best and the SPE truck use the same ingredients, but I guess something can really be said for someone making a philly cheese steak that is from the area, you just do it better!

Final bite: The SPE Truck is amazing and if you like Philly Cheese Steaks you need to track this puppy down. Hands down the best I have had in LA. Good job guys, now get me some Birch Beer and a Yuengling!

South Philly Experience
Location TBD