Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Can I smell Your Aroma (coffee & tea co.)?

One thing you learn and learn quick in Lost Angeles is how the people here LOVE brunches. It's borderline ridiculous on how much we love brunch, but oh my god do we love brunch. Its pretty insane. Bring up brunch to a person here and they can talk to you for hours about their favorite places and what is great there. Damn brunch people.

Well let me tell you about the Aroma Coffee & Tea Co. in The Valley, yes I said The Valley, take your Bayside Tiger hatred of The Valley and leave it at the other blogs. (yes I am not a fan of The Valley but some of the food there is amazing)

I went to Aroma Coffee & Tea Co. with some friends and experienced what could only be put like this, It was pretty much the same experience as the Urth Cafe but you feel less pretentious. Not saying that the Urth Cafe has any pretension BUT there is none at Aroma. Same ordering and food vibe but just less "look at me, look at me." I would advise you to take the same care in arriving early that you do at Urth, damn lines, I hate lines.  

What I delighted my palate with was something I have had before but never talked about. Salmon salad. Thing is amazing. It is a perfect size and has everything you want in a salmon salad. Make sure you go towards the bottom where the jems of deliciousness lie. Capers are down at the bottom along with some red onions and other great treats. You get a hearty fork full in your mouth and you can thank me later.

Yes I am sure I could say it needs heat and needs maybe some other salad item, but you can always say something needs to be spicy etc. I was raised with spice so unless it definitely needs it I will try not to cloud your thoughts and let you find out for yourself.

Also if you like arnold palmers Aroma Coffee & Tea Co. has one of the best in the city. Like I said it's pretty much like going to Urth Cafe, so take that amount of drink options and put it The Valley. For all I know Urth owns Aroma and if they don't I wonder who came first and who stole from who.

Final bite: Definitely a great brunch place. Would I drive all the way into The Valley for it? Not unless my friend lived in The Valley and suggested it. Why? I live in West Hollywood, shits far man.

Aroma Coffee & Tea Co.
4360 Tujunga Ave
Studio City, CA 91604

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Crystal Ortiz said...

there's one in Silverlake too .. you should check it out. Oh wait it's called alcove anyway .. SIlverlake is awesome and Alcove has great food