Friday, June 19, 2009

Calbi Korean BBQ Taco Truck

There is a new thing in LA, Korean BBQ on Taco Trucks. There is the Kogi Truck and the Calbi Truck. When I heard about these white whales I knew I had to find them, and finally I have found my Moby Dick. Just call me Ahab

If you are unaware the Calbi and Kogi Taco Trucks are mobile restaurants, infusing Korean BBQ and Mexican touches in the ease of a Taco Truck. From what I understood previously you could only find the trucks by either stumbling upon one like I did today, or by following them on Twitter. But lets face it folks I wasn't about to join Twitter for anything, not even food, and that says a lot. I have only been able to find the Calbi Truck and this is my story

Calbi prices are very reasonable so I ordered three different items and the total was under $10. First was a Chicken and a Pork soft taco. The flavors were innately Korean but in the portability of a soft shell taco. It was a delicious morsel and only $2 per taco. Which is actually cheaper per taco than my favorite taco place, Los Tacos. They were both full of flavor and I found it quite intriguing how they mixed the two different cuisines. 

Next was the Korean BBQ steak burrito. Now like most Korean BBQ that I have had, this was cold. Not ice cold but more like room temperature. Also it was a bit soggy but that is my fault. I refused to sit and eat in the street and took all of my food back to the office. You should not follow suit. Eat it all right then and there, forget what people might say if they see you sitting on the sidewalk eating Taco Truck fair. The 4 blocks that I had to walk made my food experience fall from what would have been a high 9 to a mid 8. Other than being cold it was amazing. It had scrabled eggs in it for some reason, I'm guessing thats a Korean thing, and tons of flavor. 

Next on my list is you Kogi, you sneaky Truck, I will get you!

Final Bite: Once you get over the fact that you are eating food off of a refurbished Taco Truck you will be pleasantly surprised. I wouldn't recommend joining Twitter just to follow this Deliciousness on wheels but if you are already a member or have a friend who is, then have them add it. 

Calbi Korean BBQ Taco Truck
Location TBD

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Natasha said...

Allegedly, there is almost always a Kogi truck on Abbot-Kinney in Venice on Friday nights...good luck on your mission.