Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Foodapalooza Date Has Been Set!!

A date for Foodapalooza fka Gluttony Day has officially been set. On Saturday April 18th we will be venturing out into this world that we call Los Angeles and sampling foods that we find delicious. Co-creator Dana Smith and I have both picked 5 restaurants each and 5+ food items at those restaurants that the other has not tried or had the pleasure of patronizing and we will then eat these delicious treats. 

Yes this sounds like a feat for giants and fatties BUT we will be splitting the portions between the two of us and anyone else we can talk into driving all over Los Angeles over what will most likely be a 10-12 hour day of eating/driving.

As of now the menu consists of:

Justin's List:
Pita Kitchen - Lamb Schwarma and Greek Salad
Belmont - Mac and Cheese
Los Tacos - Chicken hard/soft tacos
Tacos Bonitos - California Burrito
Sushi-mon - Backed lobster roll
POSSIBLE Establishment
Philly's Best - American without

Dana's TENT list:
Cobra's and Matadors - Bacon wrapped dates
Baycities Italian Deli - Meatball Sub
Mastro's - Lobster Mash

These were just suggestions I gave to her per our conversation re: food stuffs. Please be aware - Card Subject to Change.

Once a final menu has been compiled we will map out and time line the day. My mouth will not stop it's salivating. 

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