Sunday, September 21, 2008

Where does East Meat West?

I have been in search for east-coast comfort food in LA since I moved here in the beginning of 2006. You know things like wings, hoagies (subs for those unaware), wings, cheese steaks and other things that LA just is not knwon for. It is an on going struggle and today we ate at "Philly's Best" 1419 W Olive Burbank Ca 91506 to hopefully find a cheesesteak place.

They claim to be the best cheesesteaks in LA and I can almost agree.

I asked for a wiz without. The tattooed employee was confused. Apparently he has never been to Pat's. The cheese steak came on an Amoroso roll, which is amazing, and with wiz like I asked. BUT it was definitely made by someone who has never made a cheesesteak on South Street. The meat was chopped and mixed with the cheese but not as fine or mixed thoroughly as it should have been. I will hold a complete judgement and edit this post when I go back and try it with American cheese. 

Still the best cheesesteak I have had outside of Philadelphia was at 99 Miles to Philly in NYC. Place was amazing and on point beyond my expectations. I felt like it was 3 am and I strolled up to Pat's and said wiz without and if I took to long with my order I'd get scolded and the 'look'. 

You may ask why would I even go back if the steak was mediocre. Well let me just put it to you in two words. Birch. Beer. But that was not all. here is another two words that is actually one. Tasty. Cakes. I have not eating these amazing things in forever. I spend $30 on tastycakes alone. Seriously, butterscotch krimpets are amazing and you should really eat one and stop making that "what the fuck is he talking about face".

Final Bite: So pretty much. The cheesesteak was good. I've had better. Better in LA? No. But definitely have had better. This city is weird, they do somethings amazingly. The gourmet is almost always on point. The sushi is good, I hold off on great until I go to Japan and have sushi prepared by an old japanese man who's been doing it for 97 years. But the east coast comfort food are just, eh.

The hunger and hunt continue.

Philly's Best
1419 W. Olive Ave
Burbank, CA 91506

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