Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Gumbo Spot

Gumbo: a delicious mixture of spice and in my case seafood. I went to The Gumbo Pot in the farmers market and tried and I quote, "Best Gumbo In Town". The gumbo was served with corn bread and some interesting spicy potato salad. The sad part though was that I found it underwhelming. When I ordered the southern staple I was expecting this amazing mixture of crab and shrimp that would leave me in tears from the amazingness of it all. But that failed to happen.

The corn bread was dry and the best part of the whole meal was the potato salad. The worse part of the whole experience was that I found a hair in my gumbo. You may say "hey are you sure it was not your own hair?" Which I reply, yes I know mine is falling out, but the hair in question was long and curly so that rules out my half PI locks. 

Final Bite: Best Gumbo In Town? Hardly, keep in mind that I have not eaten any other gumbo in this town, but it's fair to say that there are probably better gumbos.

The Gumbo Spot
The Farmers Market
6333 W 3rd St # 312
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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hammeryourteeth said...

Shit, kiddo, you need gumbo? I got a gumbo connection that'll rock your ass, detach your retinas and send your feeble little heart plummeting down to your ballsack, hungry man. You might even punch yourself or possibly a neighbor or the family dog or another family's dog if, in fact, you have no family (I am sorry I brought it up). I cannot vouch for the hairlessness of said gumbo, but who wants that bald ass gumbo when this gumbo rocks so hard like the Ronnie James Dio of gumbos? Hairballs, fistfights, Dixie beer, big ol fine ass men in's all there, just beyond your reach. How does it feel? Do you wish you had longer arms? Please don't answer with your mouth full.